What Causes Back Pain and How Can You Treat It? 

Most Americans experience back pain at one time or another. It is sometimes something serious, while other times the pain can be easily fixed. It is always important to get checked out by a back pain doctor, like one from AmeriWell Clinics, if you are experiencing any sort of pain so that you can begin treating it properly.

So, what are some of the most common causes of back pain? Continue reading to find out and to learn more about what you can do if you are experiencing back pain.

Herniated Disks

A common cause of back pain could be if you have a herniated disc. This means that the disks that typically help cushion your bones in your spine from rubbing up against each other have slipped and are causing severe pain. This may require surgery to fix, but usually can be fixed through physical therapy or other natural treatments. It can be diagnosed by a back doctor and should be treated as soon as possible to help ease the pain. 

Weak Muscles

Another cause of back pain could be weak muscles. This may be muscles in the back, but could also be in other areas that affect one’s back. For example, someone’s upper back may hurt, but it is really their shoulder muscles that are weak. A good back pain doctor will be able to identify the problem and determine the best solution to fix it. Often, this will require some amount of weight lifting at physical therapy where you can be monitored for using correct form and targeting the right muscles. 

What are some potential remedies to reduce or eliminate back pain?

Back pain should be treated differently depending on what is causing it. As with all healthcare, a treatment that will work for one person may not be the right one for another. Some things your back doctor may suggest doing include stretching, light weight lifting, seeing a chiropractor, or in severe cases, surgery. No matter what he or she tells you to do, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions so that you can begin feeling better. 

Contact a Back Pain Doctor Today

If you or one of your loved ones is suffering from bad back pain, you need to contact a back pain doctor immediately. He or she will evaluate you to see what is going on and help determine the best source of treatment. Your back pain doctor will then be able to monitor you to see what kind of progress you are making throughout treatment. Do not hesitate, you will be grateful that you sought out treatment when you finally do. A back pain doctor will try his or her best to target the problem, then treat it so that it does not continue to irritate you and so it will hopefully not come back. Feel free to set up a consultation with a back pain doctor so that you can speak to him or her about what they think will be the best option for you moving forward.