Finding the Right Counselor 

Have you ever wondered why some people leave therapy prematurely? Premature termination with people in therapy happens with seasoned and newly licensed therapists, and sometimes these people leave without warning, but sometimes they do give signs they will not be returning. The signs that they will not be returning may not be explicitly said or explained, but it’s something that your counselor or therapist can deduce.

Sometimes people who are leaving counseling will contact your counselor by email, leave phone messages, or they will simply ghost. Many will also find a new therapist when they want to resume their therapy work; oftentimes this is because they feel guilty about leaving their previous counselor or therapist.

During counseling, you might realize that you’ve opened a bigger can of worms than you are prepared to handle. Any good counselor is going to understand this and is not going to hold it against you. Sometimes we do not know what we want when we go to counseling; we know that we need to counsel, and we pick somewhere to counsel, but we are not really ready for what’s going to happen during counseling. This is often true when you can identify that you are struggling in one area or a couple of areas in your life, and then you realize that you don’t want to go any further than that.

And that’s okay.

Counseling at a company, such as Lotus Wellness Center, is a choice, which means you decide whether to stay with that counselor, whether to request a new counselor or to leave counseling altogether for a period or permanently.

Oftentimes, people are subconsciously not ready to continue therapy, but they are not going to say that. They’re going to find other reasons to not attend therapy; often this is known as resistance. Therapy can provide wonderful possibilities with outcomes that are good for you, but sometimes it can be painful and you are going to resist the experience.

Sometimes you might be afraid of fear, you might be afraid of being successful, or something else.

Sometimes your therapist is mis-communicating and misunderstanding you. So maybe you’re not satisfied with the first counselor that you get. Maybe you feel like that therapist and really understand you; and while this can be dependent upon a competent therapist, it can also be you just did not gel with that therapist and you need to try for a new one.

Sometimes your current therapist might be incompetent or unprofessional, or perhaps the therapist has breached your trust in them. If or when a therapeutic breach happens a person can drop out prematurely or avoid the elephant in the room; avoiding the elephant is basically avoiding the fact that there is something hindering your growth in therapy.