The Benefits of PRP Hair Therapy

The Benefits of PRP Hair Therapy

Hair loss can cause a person to lose confidence and self-esteem. Whether you’re a man or a woman, thinning hair is a source of stress and displeasure. Great strides are being made in the area of hair transplantation and regrowth. One promising entry into the mix is PRP treatment. This therapy has taken hold of hair follicles – and people – around the globe.

Uses Your Cells to Stimulate Growth Naturally

PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. Within the human body is a network of white blood cells that fends off intruders and stimulates new cellular growth. It is most concentrated in plasma. As such, when you start PRP, the clinic will extract blood and separate the plasma containing the highest numbers of platelets – white blood cells – and inject those throughout the scalp. Thus, the only thing that is being put into your body is your immune defense system, only at a much more powerful level. It also is being injected right into the source of the problems, giving those cells direct access where you need them to perform their best work.

Decreases the Rate of Hair Loss

Once injected, the platelets go to work on energizing cells and hopefully stimulating follicles to start growing. After the initial course of treatment, usually lasting up to six months with injections every 30 days, you may not necessarily notice new growth yet, but you might start seeing that you are losing much less hair in your brush, on your pillow and in the shower. PRP has been shown to decrease hair loss in men and women.

Strengthens Existing Hair

One reason for the decline in hair loss is PRP pumps up existing hair making it fuller, denser and stronger from the root down. When follicles start to die and stop growing hair, they release their grip on the root, allowing it to fall out. That follicle then goes dead and stops working. With help from the PRP injections, waning follicles start getting stronger, thereby making them hang on to each strand of hair a little tighter.

No Surgery Required

Before PRP treatment, surgery was the only promising treatment for hair loss. Surgery is typically a last resort for anyone looking to regain a healthy head of hair. It can be costly, painful and unsightly. With the use of PRP injections, however, the pain is almost non-existent, and no one even has to know you’re getting it done. It can be injected right into your current head of hair.

As with any treatment, it is best to consult with a hair transplantation doctor to see if this or any other treatment can help.

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Dr. Robin Unger, PRP for Hair Loss NYC