Is PRP Treatment Effective for Hair Growth?

Is PRP Treatment Effective for Hair Growth?

Anyone looking for a solution to balding has probably run across something called platelet-rich plasma treatment. It’s a solution that uses plasma from your own blood to promote new hair growth. Is it effective? Does it really cause new hair growth? Check it out and decide for yourself!

How PRP Treatment Works for Hair

PRP hair treatment is completed by a doctor taking the patient’s own blood, spinning it to remove the platelets from other cells, then combining the platelets with the plasma. The platelets are full of growth factors that are known to promote healing. Because the PRP is made this way, there are a lot more platelets than a patient’s blood would normally have.

Using the patient’s own PRP, thin needles inject it into the scalp. This is typically done at half-inch intervals over the entire bald area of the scalp. Some doctors begin with three treatments and wait for results, while others begin with one and go from there. After the procedure, which generally lasts a half-hour or less, the patients are free to live their normal lives, including washing existing hair and other similar daily practices.

How Long It Takes

Some patients begin to see the results of PRP hair treatment after only three months, though most won’t notice a significant improvement until six to twelve months. Some doctors offer booster treatments after a certain amount of time to aid in the continuation of hair growth, but that depends on the patient and how slow the hair is growing.

How Effective It Is

PRP hair treatment has been shown to be very effective for most patients. Those who are in the beginning stages of hair loss generally see a quicker and more appreciative result, but pretty much any person experiencing hair loss will see an improvement after proper treatment. After the initial treatment, patients will typically need to revisit their hair loss doctor for a follow up once or twice per year in order for it to be the most effective.

Giving It a Try

PRP treatment is still a fairly new process, so extremely long tests have not been done. In the number of time patients have had it done, the effects have been quite positive. If you wonder whether or not you’re a candidate for PRP hair treatment, contact a hair loss professional to schedule a consultation. In addition to using other products, this could be the process that helps you get your thick head of hair back. Give it a try today.

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Dr. Robin Unger, PRP for Hair Loss New York