No Shave FUE

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Previously the Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, method of conducting a hair transplant required a patient to shave the entire back and sides of their scalp. This is because in order to extract follicles, the hair needs to be cut down to its shortest length above the skin so that the hair does not get tangled in the tool extracting the grafts. This means shaving the scalp in most cases. Some patients are perfectly comfortable shaving the back and sides of their scalp for the hair transplant surgery. For other patients, however, donor area shaving is a major deterrent impeding them from selecting the FUE technique for their procedure.  And even though a minimally shaved donor is possible with the FUT method, this method is not an option for patients who wish to avoid a linear scar in the donor area. Fortunately, such a patient can consider No Shave FUE, the most state-of-the-art surgical technique in the field of follicular unit hair transplantation that was designed specifically to avoid the aforementioned concerns. 

The No Shave technique involves individually cutting the hairs to be harvested from the donor region while leaving all of the surrounding hairs long. Thus, FUE is performed without shaving the entire back and sides of the patient’s scalp. This makes the donor zone appear untouched to the naked eye, and is much less visually impactful than a head shave, and gives us the same results as a traditional FUE shaved case. It also allows us to choose the follicles with the most hairs per follicle which gives the patient the best ultimate result. The no shave technique is more time consuming and thus more expensive, but for those that don’t want to shave their head it can be the difference between doing the procedure and not doing it. Keep in mind that the results are just as good as the full shaven technique and it is proving to be a very popular alternative to traditional FUE shaving.

This process requires very specific expertise. Accordingly, care should be taken in choosing a hair transplant surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA with experience.



Thanks to Marc Dauer, MD for their insight into hair treatment and FUE.