Orthodontic Help After a Slip and Fall

Orthodontic Work

There is no doubt about it, it can be difficult to seek compensation for a slip and fall injury. In addition, dental injuries and the associated medical bills are often the most difficult when it comes to reasonable and appropriate compensation. The fact is, defense attorneys and insurance companies are less sympathetic to injuries that are not visible. Unless the dental injury includes a missing front tooth, you will likely need to fight for every last penny of your orthodontic bills. The following information is intended to provide insight on the preliminary steps that are necessary in pursuing a personal injury claim. The first step is to ensure your own health and path to healing by seeing an orthodontist immediately and the second step is to consult with a personal injury attorney.

Orthodontist Intervention

Tooth and Jaw Injuries

You may be considering an orthodontic appointment if your dentist has referred you or if you know that your injuries will require orthodontic intervention. Since the orthodontist specializes in jaw alignment and straightening of the teeth, many people who have suffered trauma to the mouth end up in the orthodontist’s chair. While the jaw is an incredible mechanism, it is vulnerable when it comes to the sudden impact on a hard surface. The cartilage and soft tissues surrounding the temporomandibular joints (hinged area at the back of the mouth) can jam or stretch to an unnatural degree and may need to be stabilized in order to heal.

Tooth injuries vary from mild chips or cracks to the more severe damage to the inside of the tooth or the roots. While a dentist will be the professional to handle many types of tooth injury, the orthodontist will likely be the one to handle more complicated and severe cases, especial if multiple teeth have shifted. It is important to be specific with your doctor regarding your injuries and the circumstances that caused them. People often understand injury based on the symptoms that are felt. However, some dental injuries have masked or delayed symptoms. It is imperative that you are properly diagnosed for your own health and for your personal injury claim.

Initial Orthodontist visit

The first visit will include x-rays and a discussion of the incident. The orthodontist in San Clemente, CA will then go into detail regarding the treatment plan. It is important to be honest and open with your doctor regarding the circumstances of your slip and fall. In addition, share that you are seeking compensation. You will need to save all documents related to your injury in order to support your claim for damages. It is best that any medical professionals you see with respect to your fall-related injuries understand the situation, as they may be able to help your case.

Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, insurance companies are reluctant to pay out for procedures that may be considered cosmetic. For instance, if the teeth have shifted and the person is left with a crooked smile but is otherwise not in pain or at risk for infection, there may be some resistance with a request to compensate for braces or aligners. An experienced personal injury attorney will know exactly how to approach the insurance companies and can assist you with the necessary documents you will need to support the claim.

Thanks to John Redmond Orthodontics for their insight into dental care and orthodontic help after a slip and fall injury.