Couples Counseling for the Children

There are many people who think of counseling as a waste of time and money. However, those people are missing the point of therapy. One of the greatest benefits of talking to a mental health professional is that one can open up in a safe space in an effort to find balance and perspective in his or her life. The truth of the matter is, we live in a world full of stressors including balancing finances, raising children, pressure from work, and maintaining happy relationships in general. In seeking balance and a healthy perspective in your day to day responsibilities and relationships, life can be more fulfilling and enriching. It is very likely that a positive shift for one person in the family can positively affect the entire family. In addition to individual therapy, couples counseling, like couples counseling in Palatine, IL, can also help foster a happier and healthier family unit.  

What should you expect in couples counseling?

Preparing to go to the first counseling session can cause anxiety and stress. It is important to remember that you are doing this for your relationship with your partner and for the family. It is also important to remember that the counselor is not there to judge nor take sides. He or she is simply there to objectively facilitate the couple to get back on track. The sessions are intended to provide the couple with a safe space to talk through the difficult aspects of the relationship like identifying triggers. In doing so, the therapist may help the couple find and practice ways to change the patterns of behavior that led the couple to counseling in the first place. The whole point of going to therapy is to decrease anger and resentment and increase communication for a more positive relationship overall. To say that is different for every couple is an understatement. In fact, some couples thrive in their relationship after counseling. Other couples may decide that divorce is the best option. In having a therapist work with the couple through divorce and how to handle the process appropriately, many find the relationship to be better as friends and co-parents than as a married couple.    

How do we tell the kids we are getting a divorce?

When it comes to the difficult decision to dissolve a marriage, there are many factors that can complicate the process. Child custody, division of property and who will stay in the family home are at the top of that list. In seeking counseling together throughout the course of the divorce, the couple may be able to develop and apply appropriate communication tools to make the situation more amicable. After all, the most important consideration is the children. More than anything, the children need to see the parents handle the divorce in an open and positive manner so that the changes inherent in the parent’s break-up don’t seem so scary. A counselor can help the parents understand the importance of working together to help the children through the life change. 

Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into how to help children through couples counseling.