Finding The Right Home Care Provider

Finding the Home Care Provider that Works for You

Choosing an in home care provider can be an arduous task. Certified nursing assistants are in high demand. With the boomer generation entering into their golden years, this demand is only going to increase. 

Yet, finding an in-home caretaker is one thing, finding a provider who fits you and your needs is quite another! If you are looking for a home care provider, here are a few tips and tricks for ensuring that provider is right for you!

Know Your Needs

As with all things, the best way to begin searching is to know your needs. Does your loved one need someone who specializes in stroke care? Do you need 24 hour care, or daily care? It’s important to define these questions early, as they will lead to the answers of your desired home care provider!

Involve Your Loved One

Throughout this process, it is imperative that you involve your loved one within the discussion. It can be easy, within the logistical planning and research, to forget the whole reason why you’re researching in the first place! 

This decision is for you and your loved one to decide. Ask your loved one, what is important to them? Is there any specific quality that they would appreciate? For example, are they looking for someone who can play them at chess? By including your loved one, you are establishing a solid foundational relationship for moving forward. 

Schedule a Time to Meet

When the time has come and you think you’ve found some potential candidates, it’s time to interview them. If your loved one is able to be there, it would be helpful to include them!

Look over the potential provider’s resume. Be sure to ask them any of the questions that came up in your research!

Once the interview is done, make certain to touch base with your loved one after. Compare thoughts, notes, and decide whether you would like to continue pursuing this particular provider. 

Ask for the Legal Documents

If you are choosing a provider through a home care agency, they will often work with you to provide the necessary paperwork, rates, and fees. 

If the home care provider is not working through a home care company, they might not have any paperwork on them! You should work with them to draft a legal contract, scope of work, and confidentiality terms.