Can You See a Chiropractor if You’ve Had Back Surgery

Many people experience back problems in their life from time to time. These pains can be annoying but usually don’t affect your quality of life much. However, when the pain intensifies and becomes constant, you’ll want to seek professional help. Some back troubles inhibit your mobility or may even complicate your ability to accomplish routine tasks. If your doctor recommends getting surgery, you may also want to know whether it’s safe to get chiropractic help. The good news is that you shouldn’t shy away from getting chiropractic adjustments after an operation.

Types of Back Problems

It isn’t uncommon to get out of bed in the morning and feel some soreness and irritation in the back and other joints. Prolonged difficulties could signal a major back condition. Muscle and ligament strains can occur frequently due to sports injuries or from lifting heavy objects. Any type of repetitive or sudden movement can cause these issues. Bulging and ruptured discs are other concerns that people have with back health. Disc injures can happen the material inside the discs press on nerves. Most of these issues will cause pain but not always. The doctor can detect disc disorders by taking X-rays. Arthritis and osteoporosis are other possible causes of pain and discomfort. Some people also experience changes with their spine. For example, it can curve to one side or the other as the person reaches middle age.

Possible Surgeries

Surgery is not the first line of defense against back pain. Your doctor will likely first try medication and physical therapy. Some operations, however, may be necessary to repair discs and other parts of the spine. Some surgeries will harden and strengthen the discs, while others may remove damaged discs. Other surgeries will remove bone spurs or reduce the pressure on the discs.

Going To the Chiropractor

In general, you should not have to worry about going to a chiropractic appointment for an adjustment after getting back surgery. Some patients may feel some pain during the procedure after having had a back operation. In this case, the patient should inform the chiropractor. Many patients find relief to lingering pain and discomfort following a back procedure. If you have had surgery and are considering getting an adjustment, it is best to wait until you have healed and recovered from the operation.

Both back surgery and adjustments can relieve long-term pain and irritation in your spine. Most patients are fine to resume chiropractic appointments soon after surgery.

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