How to Tell If You Should See a Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a form of treatment that eases pain in areas of the body—particularly the back, neck and spine—through techniques known as adjustments. Adjustments are short motions of pressure applied by a chiropractor at specific points that pop bones and joints back into place. This creates a normal balance between muscle and bone that can positively affect nerves and reduce pain.

Chiropractic care has been proven to be effective time and time again, with minimal risks. Consider the following questions, and if you answer yes to any of them, it may be time to see a chiropractor.

Do You Suffer From Headaches or Migraines? 

Many people deal with headaches on a daily basis, and migraines can stop anyone dead in their tracks from hours to days on end. If you suffer from them regularly, it may be because of problems with the spine or neck like dehydration or misalignment. A chiropractor uses spinal manipulation to readjust your spine back into a natural position that decreases pressure and opens neural pathways.

Do You Sit for Long Hours Each Day?

Plenty of jobs require that you sit for long periods throughout the day, five days a week, and that’s not including all the times you’re sitting at home. Sitting for extensive amounts of time can cause a poor posture, which can create extra strain on your lower back. That strain can affect your spinal alignment and become the source of aching pain.

Do You Have Joint Pain? 

Joints throughout the body can move out of alignment over time, causing stiffness and immobility that affects you every day. They may lessen blood flow to certain areas of the body and impede neural connections. A chiropractor specializes in realigning these joints so that blood and oxygen can reach them easily.

Are You Not as Flexible as You Used to Be? 

If something is out of line, flexibility may not come as easily as it once did. Joints that no longer function properly not only cause pain, but they greatly reduce your ability to carry out normal tasks. In addition to working those joints back into good condition, a chiropractor may suggest exercises or other home methods so that you can continue to loosen taut muscles and joints.

If you’ve already tried medications for your pain, chiropractic care, such as from a chiropractor from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, may be the logical next step. Ask your doctor about how to find a good chiropractor.