Back Surgery and Adjustments: Are the Two Compatible?

People of all ages face nagging back ailments from time to time. Often, these issues go away with little or no intervention. However, persistent, severe back problems could signify a serious condition. Something of this magnitude won’t likely disappear without any treatment. Your doctor may recommend getting back surgery to repair a dysfunction or disorder. It may also help to go to a chiropractor. Which course is the best? Can you see the chiropractor after you have an operation on your back? It’s important to know what makes the most sense for your health.

Common Back Problems

Your back bears the brunt of a lot of wear and tear. Your back can feel a great deal of strain and tension due to injuries or congenital conditions. Herniated discs are common, as are bulging or ruptured discs. Some people may suffer arthritis in the back and other joints. Other problems include osteoporosis or skeletal deformities. Trauma to the back from a car accident or fall may even fracture vertebrae.

When To Get Surgery

An invasive operation isn’t always the best option. Other choices for a back problem could be medication, physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments. Before seeking treatment for any back problems, you should consult your physician or chiropractor. The most severe conditions may warrant surgery, however. These may include fractures or discs injuries.

What Happens With Surgery?

Various surgeries are available, depending on the condition the patient has. Spinal fusion is one of the most common. In this process, the surgeon fuses the spinal bones, which prevent the spine from moving. This surgery is good for patients who have constant back pain. For herniated discs, the surgeon can remove the affected disc to eliminate the pressure on surrounding nerves.

Getting Chiropractic Treatment

Some patients may have heard that a chiropractic adjustment isn’t safe after getting surgery. The truth is that you can find additional relief from this procedure as you recover from your operation. Before starting any chiropractic treatments, make sure you discuss your recent surgery with the chiropractor. The chiropractor will also review your health history. This will enable the chiropractor to modify the adjustments, if necessary. If you feel discomfort or pain during the adjustments, tell the chiropractor and describe where it hurts.

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with getting chiropractic adjustments after your back surgery. You can get additional help for your back ailments by regularly visiting a chiropractor, like from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic.