Why X-rays Are an Essential Chiropractic Tool

There is a common expectation of instant gratification growing in society. People often feel that they need to experience immediate relief, especially when in pain. Doctors of chiropractic are familiar with the desire for rapid relief. Still, it is essential to understand that, as with any medical procedure, most of the time, you need to go through prolonged therapy to achieve lasting results. To help you get the results you are after, a chiropractor will often use imaging tools, like an X-ray, to learn more about your specific problem. There are several reasons an X-ray is a useful tool.

Defining the Field

When a patient comes in talking about back pain, or sudden injuries that make it hard to move, a chiropractor needs to have more than a patient’s description. While some people are better than others at describing their symptoms, it is still sometimes necessary for a doctor of chiropractic to get a look inside to understand the cause of your symptoms. An X-ray helps to define the affected area. A chiropractor can review the image and often find exactly what is wrong, which allows them to formulate an effective treatment plan.

Diagnosing the Cause

Imaging helps to pinpoint the precise location of an injury. The X-ray will also help a chiropractor diagnose the most useful treatment plan. While chiropractors do not use surgery or medications for treatment, sometimes a patient’s injuries will require such intervention, and an X-ray will help a chiropractor make that determination and explain it to their patient.

Ensuring Patient Safety

When a patient comes in with a sudden injury, an X-ray is essential and practical because a chiropractor must identify the cause of the injury. While some patients can go in and receive same-day treatment, a doctor of chiropractic will not rush into spinal adjustments or manipulations when there may be a severe injury requiring surgery. The patient’s safety is paramount to any medical professional, regardless of the philosophical or therapeutic approach. Yes, chiropractors do not use surgery or medication to treat their patients, but that does not mean that such options are obsolete.

While a chiropractor, like from AmeriWell Clinics, may not be able to offer instant gratification to their patients, with committed, long-term treatment, patients can resolve their physical limitations. A doctor of chiropractic uses an X-ray to define the field and identify the cause of a patient’s pain, so they can create a plan to realign and resolve the problem. Contact a local chiropractor to schedule an appointment.