What to Expect of a Chiropractic Process

The Chiropractic Process: What to Expect

As chiropractic care grows in popularity, there are a lot of people who do not understand how it works or what the process looks like. Instead of going into a treatment blind, it helps to have a good idea of what you are getting yourself into. Chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial in fighting neck and back pain. Here is what you should expect during your appointment with a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Exams

The physical exam normally occurs after you have filled out any necessary paperwork. You should have already filled out a health questionnaire and the doctor probably asked you several different questions about your condition and health history. He or she may also have you perform a number of range of motion tests, reflex tests and muscle strength tests that can help him or her diagnose your condition or injury.

The physical exam is relatively routine and often followed by an exam that focuses more pointedly on the spine. The chiropractor has to examine your entire spine, regardless of where you experience your back pain. Keep in mind that when you experience any neck or back pain, it could be the result of a condition or injury at any point in your spine. The injury can manifest in one area and become a secondary problem in another.

Chiropractic Treatment

Once the physician is clear on your specific issues, he or she can build you a treatment plan. More often than not, your treatment begins that very first day and you will most likely receive a chiropractic adjustment. This adjustment uses controlled force and velocity to adjust your spine. The physician may also focus on your other joints too. He or he may spend time focused on the knees, elbows, shoulders, or other problem areas to help improve joint function.

Your treatment plan will normally last more than just one day. The chiropractor may give you a number of different adjustments that you must come back for over a period of time. The amount of times you need to see the chiropractor and how soon after the first visit is dependent on the severity of your condition.

When it comes to chiropractic care, no two patients have the exact same experience. This is because your doctor will tailor your plan to you and your specific needs. If you are ready to see how well chiropractic care can work for you, then make an appointment with an experienced chiropractor, right away.