Seeing a Chiropractor Without a Referral

If you need to see a chiropractor for a health issue you’re experiencing, you might begin to wonder if you need to visit your physician first. Does the physician have to make a referral, or can you just visit a chiropractor? How about your insurance company? Do you need a referral from them? In most cases, you can visit a chiropractor, like from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, without a referral, but it does depend on a few things.

Your Insurance Policy

Be sure you read through your insurance policy thoroughly before making any appointments. Your policy might state that you need a referral from them or from your physician. If so, you’ll need to make the proper phone calls and appointments to get that done.

If your insurance policy doesn’t state that you need a referral, it’s still possible you’ll need approval to see a particular chiropractor. Most insurance policies have a list of approved providers, and you might need to see one of those approved chiropractors to get the insurance coverage benefit. There may be a stipulation about out-of-network providers, in which your insurance company could pay a smaller portion of your costs, but many times an insurance company won’t pay for any out-of-network providers, so you need to be careful about that.

Your Chiropractor

Most chiropractors will accept you as a patient without a referral, but if you are dealing with certain diseases or health issues, the chiropractor might require a referral. For example, if you recently had back surgery, the chiropractor might want to make sure you really have the all-clear from your physician before starting chiropractic care. You would then need to provide the chiropractor with a type of referral that gives you that go-ahead.

It’s also possible your chiropractor has a deal worked out with a physician, in which they refer patients to each other. In that case, the chiropractor might require a referral, and vice versa.

Your Personal Preference

If you’re unsure which chiropractor would be the best for your circumstance, you might want a recommendation from your physician or insurance company. If you trust your physician with those types of referrals, you might require one yourself as a precautionary measure before receiving chiropractic care.

Getting Started With Care

When you are dealing with certain health issues, it is often beneficial to visit a chiropractor. Speak with your chiropractor and insurance company today to find out if you need a referral for care.