Safe Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has been proven effective in the treatment of back, joint and neck pain when performed by a licensed doctor of chiropractic. Knowing this, many patients seek out chiropractors, like a chiropractor for physical therapy to receive a non-prescription option for pain relief. However, there are certain times when a patient, regardless of intention, could be setting themselves up for greater pain, possibly setting any progress back in the process.

General Safety of Chiropractic Care

When speaking about chiropractic care in general, it has been proven to be safe. The spinal manipulations and adjustments performed to help realign the spinal column are practiced and precise movements that doctors of chiropractic have spent years understanding and mastering. Therefore, the actual practice of chiropractic therapy is safe. However, there are times when such treatment is not recommended due to the potential risks to the patient.

Risk Factors

While the potential risks of using chiropractic therapy are minimal to most patients, those who have received spine treatment or recently undergone spinal surgery should reconsider using this type of treatment. Although spinal manipulations are incredibly useful for treating chronic pain and other conditions, patients who have recently undergone any form of medical spinal treatments or interventions could potentially put their recovery at risk if they fail to consult with their physician before undergoing a spinal adjustment.


Most chiropractors will advise against the treatment of a recent surgical patient without first consulting with the doctor or surgeon of the patient. Doctors of chiropractic take similar oaths to other medical physicians and take patient care seriously. Therefore, any reputable chiropractor will take a thorough history and likely X-rays to understand what is happening with your spine. The initial chat you have with your chiropractor will probably include information on any past surgical interventions or injuries. It is in your best interest to be straightforward with your chiropractor because any falsehood could put your future mobility in jeopardy.

Doctors of chiropractic are highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals, and the therapy they provide can be positively life-altering. However, for positive results, a patient must be honest about their history to avoid possible injury or a negative outcome. If you have recently undergone spinal treatment or surgery, then it is likely best to consult with your physician before entertaining the idea of a spinal adjustment. However, if you are curious about your chiropractic options in the future or in the present, then contact a local doctor of chiropractic for a consultation, being honest about past medical interventions.