Natural Ways to Relieve Neck Pain

You’ve heard the term “a pain in the neck” before. This isn’t always just a figure of speech; it can be literal, too. Neck pain is a common complaint among adults, especially for middle aged people and beyond. Sometimes these ailments may be minor and infrequent. However, other people struggle with severe neck troubles constantly. If pain in your neck is making it difficult for you to function in daily activities, there are some at-home activities and products you can try to relieve these issues.

Hot and Cold

There’s an old-fashioned, tried and true method that can work effectively. It’s probably one your mom or grandma urged you to try as a child for various bumps and bruises. It’s the ice pack-heat pack method, and it may do just enough to take care of your neck pain symptoms. First, apply an ice pack to the affected area. Leave it there for 20 to 30 minutes. Do this several times a day for two or three days. Then, switch to a heat pack, following the same time limit for the next couple of days. This tactic can soothe sore muscles in the neck.

Try Stretching

Sometimes, getting rid of discomfort in this area may just take moving the neck around in certain positions. Slow but steady range-of-motion exercises can help you both avoid and reduce neck pain. There are many exercise options, some of which you can do from your office chair or from the couch. Bring your ear to your shoulder on both sides 10 times. Or, you can try squeezing your shoulder blades together 10 times. Some people find relief by rolling their shoulders backward and down several times. Visit a chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Glen Burnie, MD, to get a stretching routine personalized to your own individual needs. 

Get a Massage

When the neck pain is muscle-based, a deep-tissue massage can make a world of difference. Find a licensed massage therapist and tell the masseuse to focus on your neck. This activity can help loosen the muscles in and around the neck. One massage may or may not provide adequate relief, so plan on setting up a treatment routine.

Consider Your Sleeping Routine

The way you lie in bed at night could have a lot to do with your neck pain. Consider sleeping with a neck pillow and getting a firmer mattress. If you normally sleep on your stomach, switch to your back or side.

You may be able to solve some of your neck problems with these simple tricks. If you still don’t get the results you want, visit with your chiropractor to help ease your pain. 
Thanks to Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic for their insight into some of the natural ways to relieve neck pain.