Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo you regret getting? Are you tired of having to cover it up with makeup or extra clothing? With laser tattoo removal, it will be like you never got a tattoo in the first place!

Not sure if laser tattoo removal is right for you? We’ll answer the most common questions about the laser tattoo removal process so you’ll see how easy it is to get rid of unwanted tattoos!

What is laser tattoo removal?
Laser tattoo removal is an effective way to get rid of unwanted body art. It works by forcing the ink particles in your tattoo to separate and dissolve on their own, over time. Laser tattoo removal can be performed all over your body but is more effective in certain areas.

Will laser tattoo removal get rid of my tattoo completely?
Whether or not your tattoo will be removed completely depends on its location, color and size. An expert will look at your tattoo to determine how effectively it can be removed.

How many laser tattoo treatments are necessary?
The number of treatments depends on the size, color, etc. of your tattoo. If you have a darker or more complex tattoo you’ll most likely need between five and eight laser tattoo removal treatments to effectively remove it. Your laser tattoo removal technician will evaluate how many treatments you need based on the above factors. Your laser tattoo removal treatments will be spaced out to ensure your tattoo has enough time to fade between each procedure.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?
Each person has a different pain threshold, so not everyone’s experience will be the same. Some patients find that laser tattoo removal feels about the same as getting the tattoo in the first place. Your doctor might direct you to take a pain reliever or use numbing cream prior to your procedure.

Is laser tattoo removal an invasive procedure?
No, laser tattoo removal is not invasive, and it does not involve any incisions. The laser will penetrate through the layers of your skin without any cutting. In the world of medical procedures, this is one of the least invasive!

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If a tattoo you regret is keeping you from your ideal body, don’t suffer any longer. Let a professional remove your tattoo so you won’t feel self-conscious any longer. An experienced technician will look at your tattoo and recommend the best course of treatment to get rid of your tattoo once and for all. Contact a professional in cosmetic procedures, for more information today.