Is It Safe for a Child to Get Adjusted?

As someone who gets adjusted at the chiropractor, you may begin to wonder whether it could be beneficial for your children. Could they get hurt by the adjustments? Is it safe? The following are some things to consider.

Proper Training

When you hire a chiropractor to take care of your children, as long as he or she is properly licensed, you can rest assured knowledge about caring for children exists. Some chiropractors go a step further and complete additional internships to specifically learn about pediatric care. Because of this proper training, chiropractors are well equipped to handle your children’s issues. It’s definitely safer than your child popping his or her own back or having a friend take care of it at school.

Unique Situations

Children face some unique situations when compared to adults. A chiropractor generally knows how to handle those unique situations. For example, there are many student athletes who visit the chiropractor for preventive care, or to have an adjustment before or after a hard workout. When babies are born, they are folded up so tight and have to go through the birth canal, which often leads to subluxation. As you can see, children face some different issues than adults do, and a chiropractor can help them get through those issues.

Encouraged Development

You wouldn’t want your child’s development to be stunted because of an injury or other health condition. Adjustments done correctly encourage proper development of your child’s mind, body and mental wellbeing. If your child has problems concentrating at school, it could be subluxation. If your child has a hard time getting along with friends, it could be a developmental issue caused by pressure on the spine. If your child doesn’t have full range of motion while participating in a sport, it could be because he or she needs an adjustment.

All Ages

One of the great things about chiropractic care is it’s appropriate for individuals of all ages. Your infant child could visit the chiropractor, after which your teenage son could be adjusted, followed by your own adjustment. As long as the individual has a need for chiropractic care and the chiropractor is comfortable with his or her health issues, patients of all ages can benefit.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child

Chiropractic care is not only safe for your child, it’s beneficial in many ways. Contact a chiropractic clinic, like a chiropractor at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, today to get an appointment scheduled for your son or daughter.