How Chiropractors Work with Pregnant Patients

Joint pain and other discomforts in the body can affect people of all ages and walks of life. Few conditions can be more uncomfortable and challenging than pregnancy. Expectant mothers can struggle with back pain, pelvic pain, hip pain, and a number of other physical concerns as their bodies change throughout the pregnancy term. It’s no wonder so many mothers-to-be seek chiropractic help. This treatment can benefit such a patient in many ways.

Safety Concerns

Some women worry that chiropractic adjustments will pose risks to their health and to the well-being of their developing fetus. Women can take comfort in knowing that chiropractic treatment should be safe and effective for both the mother and the baby. The patient should express any concerns to the chiropractor and discuss any conditions she may have relative to the pregnancy. In most cases, a pregnant woman should not shy away from going to the chiropractor.

Customizing the Care

Regular chiropractic visits will usually include an adjustment. This procedure moves the person’s spine into the right place, promoting healing and better function in the body. To perform an adjustment, the doctor will place his or her hands on the patient’s back and use pressure and force to manipulate the spine. The patient typically lies face-down on a table during the procedure. However, the chiropractor will make some changes to the treatment with pregnant women. The patient will sit in a chair or lie on her side. The chiropractor will also place a cushion or pillow under the patient or between her legs. It may also help the patient for the doctor to raise or lower the table.

The Effects

Adjustments are good for people who have joint pain as well as discomfort or tingling in the arms, legs, feet, or hands. People who suffer from migraines and headaches can also find relief. Pregnant women are ideal candidates for adjustments. As the fetus grows, the woman will experience strain on her back, hips and pelvis. Adjustments can loosen the ligaments and muscles in these areas. Pregnant patients find that adjustments can reduce nausea and make labor and delivery shorter and less difficult. Regular treatment may also put the baby in the right position for delivery.

If you are pregnant and debating whether you can safely visit a chiropractor, like a chiropractor from Lotus Wellness Center, understand the benefits of adjustments. You should be able to continue going throughout your pregnancy term so you can find pain relief.