Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

Each car accident has its own unique elements that need to be strategically navigated. While, at first, the events that transpired may seem straightforward and the party at fault obvious, it’s common for curveballs to be thrown along the way. While in some cases, self-representation may be the appropriate course of action when the damages from the accident are more minor, in many situations, it may be beneficial to have a law firm like Hall-Justice to assist with navigating this often complex territory. Critical information must be gathered and evaluated to determine the most appropriate course of action in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. Many questions regarding car accident cases and the legal process will likely arise throughout the process. 

What steps should be taken immediately after a car accident to protect the claim?

Depending upon the severity of the accident that has taken place, there are many plausible steps victims may take. If injuries are so significant that the victim cannot take action, they must receive emergency treatment at the scene to stabilize their condition. However, in situations where injuries are not yet present or are less severe, steps should be taken that will help strengthen the claim. At the scene, victims should take the following steps:

  • Contact Emergency Services
  • Move to a Safe Location
  • Contact Law Enforcement
  • Exchange Information with the Driver
  • Gather Information from Eyewitnesses
  • Take Photos and Videos of the Accident Scene
  • Write Down Your Personal Account Immediately

How can I retrieve the police report after the accident?

To obtain access to a copy of the police report after the accident, victims should contact the local police department that sent a responding officer to the scene. Sometimes, at the time of the accident, the police officer will provide a receipt with a report number, allowing easier access. Keep in mind that in some cases, there may be a fee to obtain a copy of the report. 

Why is medical treatment imperative after an accident?

Receiving medical treatment is one of the most critical steps accident victims can take after a car accident. Treatment from a provider ensures that injuries receive proper diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that any underlying injuries are ruled out. Additionally, receiving medical treatment also will provide evidence that helps tie the injuries to the accident. 

When should victims contact a car accident lawyer?

It’s best to contact a lawyer soon after the accident as they can review the case and determine whether it’s in the victim’s best interest to seek damages. It’s important not to delay as evidence can be more easily retrieved soon after the accident. The statute of limitations for car accidents in Indiana is two years. Once this timeframe expires, there are few exceptions for an extension; thus, victims will no longer be able to take legal action. 

How long will it take to settle the case?

The timeframes to resolve a car accident claim vary depending upon the details of the case. Typically, a lawyer can procure a settlement in a few months. However, if parties cannot settle through negotiations, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. Cases involving this level of litigation may take much longer to resolve. 

What is the likelihood that the case will go to trial?

While there are no specific statistics, it’s unlikely that a car accident case will see the courtroom because most of them are settled through negotiations.