Telemedicine and EarSeed Acupuncture for Stress and Pain Relief During the Pandemic

During times of stress when people strive to maintain social distancing, an online healthcare service called Telemedicine can help. Paired with low- contact ear seed acupuncture from a qualified practitioner like Dr. Oskardmay, Telemedicine has helped many patients safely and effectively. 

Many patients ask: how can Dr. Oskardmay provide care over the internet when so much of what she does is hands-on? This is an important question, but the answer rests in the conversation she has with patients and the creative support she offers during each office visit. Additionally,  the audio-visually enabled HIPAA compliant Telemedicine format allows diagnosis. During a Telemedicine visit, Dr. Oskardmay provides focused exercises and nutrition protocols as needed.  Our youtube channel includes additional information for patients to review after a visit on topics such as front and back balancing stretches, foam rolling stretches, back strengthening exercises, even qigong lung channel exercises. Dr. Oskardmay will also help patients determine if other types of care might be helpful for their particular healthcare concern based on what she sees and hears on a virtual visit and based on past history. She can make outside referrals as needed.

Telemedicine appointments are as easy to schedule as in-office appointments- call (919) 929-1400 or go online or email to find available times that suit your schedule in the privacy of your home. Insurance coverage has been extended for Telemedicine healthcare so that most visits are covered, some without a copay. Recognized as a valuable healthcare service, Telemedicine offers solutions. Patients can call our office to learn more about cost and insurance coverage of Telemedicine; our goal is to help patients receive the care they need during these stressful times. New patients and continuing care patients can benefit from Telemedicine, and Dr. Oskardmay can help anyone with a computer or internet-enabled phone.

Patients receiving Telemedicine can utilize EarSeed acupuncture at no additional cost. An EarSeed is a small magnet or even actual seed covered by a small piece of dermal tape. Another, more decorative option, known as EarBling, is a Swarovski embellished gold EarSeed. For the auriculotherapy service, patients will need to drive to the office and allow low contact EarSeed placement through their car window or follow instructions with a mailed product. Either way, EarSeed auriculotherapy (aka; ear acupuncture) has skyrocketed in the recent past and can provide lasting stress relief and support for other common physical and other problems. The outer ear is a microcosm of the full-body, and placement of an EarSeed influences health for this reason. Contact the offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay, Acupuncture and Chiropractic services in Chapel Hill, NC, for more information.

Thank you to the experts at Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their input into chiropractic care and natural healing.