Chiropractic for Back Pain Affected by Large Breast Size

Large breasts contribute to back pain for many women. Chiropractic physicians can help women in this situation by using spinal mobilization and other techniques. Chiropractors, like a chiropractor from Acupractic Natural Healing Center at Eastowne, reduce pain by emphasizing treatments that improve vertebral alignment, muscle tone, and posture. Additionally, musculoskeletal specialist chiropractors will provide helpful suggestions to facilitate recovery and make lasting changes.

Chiropractic care is a lasting treatment because it focuses on the cause of the problem, which is the spine. The spinal column is comprised of small segments called vertebrae; it surrounds the vital spinal cord and protects the nervous system. Nerves exit between vertebrae to deliver messages to and from the central nervous system. Additionally, the backbone serves as an attachment site for many muscles and contributes to posture and movement. Chronic stress on the vertebrae and connected musculature and ligaments contribute to pain in those areas and related regions. Pain and numbness in the neck and shoulders down to the hands and fingers can also occur when cervical nerves suffer impingement.   

Women with large breasts can suffer back pain in part because of the additional weight imposed on the backbone and supportive muscles by the tissue.  Expansive trapezius and latissimus muscles cover much of the back in the neck, suffer tightness in these situations, and contribute to back pain and tightness.  A chiropractor will assess each vertebral segment and make spinal adjustments to help reduce pain and improve balance.

Additionally, bra support for women with large breasts frequently cuts into the shoulders and imposes restrictions on neck positioning. Specific work postures in which people lean forward for work or childcare worsen the problem.  Supportive undergarments are vital, but the fact that much of the weight is born by the shoulders poses particular challenges in the neck, shoulder, and thoracic regions. A condition known as thoracic outlet syndrome occurs when stagnation exists in these regions, either from weighty handbags or constricting brassieres that put pressure on the thoracic outlet region. A chiropractor will assess this severe condition and help sufferers using vertebral mobilization, soft tissue massage, and other therapies designed to restore spinal health, nerve flow, and muscle balance. She will also provide exercises to enhance the healing process and counsel patients to prevent back and neck pain.

Many women with heavy front carriage causing neck and back and shoulder pain do well using chiropractic care. Other medical options include pain medications and surgery, but many women prefer to avoid these options. Pain medications have many adverse side effects, including addiction, organ damage, and lack of mental clarity. Surgery imposes a tremendous cost both physically and financially, which many cannot tolerate. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists who understand the complex issues involved in the pain of this origin.