Acupuncture Treatment of Foot Pain

Our feet enable us to walk, stand, jump, and run. Foot pain affects our everyday activities and we need effective care when our feet hurt or don’t work properly. Acupuncturists and  chiropractors in Chapel Hill, NC trained in musculoskeletal problems understand this and offer support for these vital extremities. From proper diagnosis to skillful massage and acupuncture to exercise guidance and essential oil application, licensed alternative medicine practitioners such as acupuncturists can help improve and maintain foot health for years to come. Conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel pain respond well to gentle, holistic acupuncture techniques.

Regarding foot pain, examination at an acupuncture office consists of standard medical office procedures: intake and review of health history, observation of gait and balance, palpation of the feet and connected body parts to determine regions of swelling, tenderness or instability. Additionally, an acupuncturist will go a step further to assess other areas of imbalance in your life and body. She relies on Chinese medicine diagnostic techniques that relate different energies and channels understood by Chinese medicine to reflect health and disease on deeper levels. Sometimes these areas of imbalance play out in the feet or other musculoskeletal areas, sometimes imbalance shows in the emotions or even the organs. Frequently several areas portray the imbalance, the feet possibly being one of them. A Chinese medicine doctor can help make sense of seemingly disparate health concerns by making a concrete diagnosis that responds to concise treatment. 

The water channel is one such energetic channel frequently involved when one suffers foot pain or irritation along the water channels pathway. Starting in the eye, the water meridian travels superiorly atop the head then goes down paraspinally to the feet. Each channel relates to other body-mind aspects and the water channel connects with bone, the spine, the knees and the organs kidney and bladder. The emotion of water is fear and the time of day when the water channel is most accessible to us is 3 pm to 7 pm. For many years acupuncturists have understood water imbalance based on life stories containing these elements and other related pathways. A skillful acupuncturist will assess the energies of channels water element, wood, fire, metal or earth and provide balancing treatment to resolve health issues such as foot pain.

Massage and acupuncture are techniques that acupuncturists use to restore meridian balance. For foot pain, she may choose acupoints located near the feet or on the back or even on the shoulders, or cranium. Acupuncture needles are small, fine metal filaments and an acupuncturist inserts them at specific points where energy is stuck.  Special auriculotherapy points on the ears support health and well being in many ways and can benefit foot pain, as well. If you like, she can use semi-permanent needles in the ears to provide more lasting pain relief using a technique Battlefield Acupuncture.

Acumassage can involve cupping or deep tissue massage with essential oils to balance a particular channel. Massage along injured or inflamed muscles helps to reduce foot pain as it supports connecting regions in the back, hips, legs and feet. Applied along acu-channels, massage is a powerful tool acupuncturists use to influence healing on all levels. 

Thanks to the Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into acupuncture treatment of foot pain.