Acupuncture Care to Support Immune System Response to Corona Virus and Flu

Acupuncture Care to Support Immune System Response to Corona Virus and Flu

Chinese Medicine recognizes the seriousness of the viral infection and provides much-needed guidelines and symptom treatment for infected individuals and their loved ones. As a significant component of many alternative healthcare practices, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage techniques such as gua sha and cupping strengthen the body and help to eliminate blockages to healing. Like chiropractic and other complementary practices, Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy is the whole body or holistic care designed to improve immune system response.  In this way, the ancient practice helps the body heal itself as intended.

In acupuncture, licensed acupuncturists insert small filiform sterile needles into acupoints on the skin surface to improve the flow of energy, reduce pain, and treat disease. Demonstrated to reduce inflammation, stress effectively, and body aches, acupuncture triggers a spontaneous response in the body. Your acupuncturist selects energy acupoints along specific meridian or lines of qi flow according to individual meridian imbalance, which provides particular relief tuned to personal needs.

Treatment applied to wood channel points, along the sides of the body, corresponds with pain in this region as well as the immune system, in general. The lung and large intestine organs reflect energy imbalance in the metal channel, which lies along the front lateral body area. Treatment of the metal channel assists respiration and elimination. Points on the front medial of the body correspond with the earth channel, and treatment directed to this area can also help digestion and balance in general. Water meridian points exist on the front and back medial regions and can promote muscle pain there as well as improve the stress response. When applied to the anterior lateral body regions, corresponding to the fire channel, acupuncture help pain in this region and supports blood flow.

Evaluation of tongue, pulse and other standard examination techniques gives the acupuncturist a good idea of where energy imbalance exists. Additionally, she will inquire regarding your health history and other relevant points, such as energy level, digestion concerns, mood, and any other concerns. Employing Chinese medicine diagnostics enables acupuncturists to improve health on many levels and in many ways. Licensed professional acupuncture practitioners use this knowledge to insert small, sterile needles into regions of blocked qi flow, mobilizing healing energy movement throughout the system. 

Additionally, acupuncturists utilize hands-on gua sha and cupping massage. This meridian based technique breaks down muscle adhesions and areas of energy stagnation, which impede movement. These regions may feel like muscle ache or spasm that hurts and fatigues the body and mind. Cupping massage supports blood, lymph, and nerve flow, increasing blood and nerve flow to the brain and body parts.

While acupuncture may not stop the flu or coronavirus, visiting an acupuncturist will help reduce stress and body aches, and improve overall energy levels.  A healthy immune system benefits from this type of treatment. Contact an acupuncturist in Chapel Hill, NC today to see how preventive care using acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you. 
Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into acupuncture care and supporting your immune system.